Introducing the Free State CrossBody Bag with Phone Case

September 21, 2017


As I go about my daily life, I have been constantly surprised by the lack of really useful products for what has become the pivotal tool for all of us - our smartphones.  

Whether we are clutching our phones from meeting to meeting, along with wallets, laptops, possibly notes and folders, or running out for a bite to eat between breaks juggling our phones, wallet, sunglasses and the food we have just bought, whether we are power-walking with friends, again clutching our phones, keys and possibly wallets, or moving from building to building or through public transport or cabs trying to balance our phones with all the necessary and different cards to enable a smooth journey, or whether we are busy mums, juggling all the paraphernalia that comes with children  ...

To avoid this overload of accessories on our hands, I have tried handbags, ranging from large totes, to smaller more compact handbags, to backpacks ...  anything to try to streamline all my physical essentials - only to miss phone calls, or photo opportunities trying to retrieve my phone, or worse still, dropping or losing my (expensive) phones while trying to juggle all the accessories.

There needed to be a better way to streamline women's lives while keeping our phones close by and staying connected.

I looked on with interest at the phone wallets that were around, which seemed to address part of the problem by combining cards and cash with the phone, and kept them safe from breaking when they were dropped, which meant doing away with a wallet most of the time, but I noticed they became bulky and still filled up the physical capacity of one's hands.  And they were invariably of low quality and lacking a sense of style.  

As fashion trends shifted towards mini-bags, and even micro-bags, I had my "aha" moment: 

- why couldn't we carry our phones as small bags, cross-body style for true hands-free freedom

- affix the phone inside the bag, keeping our phones safe and secure

- encase them in beautiful leathers that were a joy to touch and handle

- designed so that they didn't impede the essentials of the modern smartphone, that is, they needed to be easy to talk into (magnetic folds to keep the flaps back when talking on the phone) and easy to take our photos (camera cut outs at the back

- hold our essential cards (credit cards, transport cards, building passes) and a couple of notes just in case your favourite lunchtime takeaway was "cash only"

- throw in some more functionality: detachable straps and a choice of straps (leather or chains) for those times we want to switch up our look

- all designed in a minimalist aesthetic (clean lines, modern colour palette)

- finish it off with a touch of individuality by personalising with gold monogramming.

Free State Accessories was born - a state of beauty, a state of ease.

Wear yours on its own, with the strap or the chain, or with your backpack, large tote, even small tote - it keeps all your essentials safe, close by and within reach - while giving you true hands-free freedom to do more! Monogram it to give it an extra 'pop'. Our beautifully designed boxes make it a perfect gift - open and discover the layers within. 

I hope you find your state of beauty and state of ease with our Free State bags.


Helen xx