Our Happy Customers

  • "I love my quilted body bag! It has saved me a few times already where I just need a card, cash and my phone - no more lugging around my huge handbag.... It looks great and feels fantastic - you want to pick it up and hold it. On top of all this it is functional, folds back completely when you need to be on the phone. Excellent work Freestate Accessories."

    Monica S.

  • "Practical & looks good. The shoulder strap is a godsend for those of us who don’t wear pockets - no more putting down the phone & forgetting where. The beautiful packaging & product quality would make this a great gift."


  • "Thought this would just be for going out but my phone and cards live in it already. Without the strap I just pop in my work bag, and after hours it’s perfect for glamming up with the gold chain and hitting the dance floor. I no longer get phone and card anxiety after a few vinos!"

    Tessa C.

  • "Such a great little bag. It's both protective and really light/comfortable to wear. The design is so simple and elegant, which I love! Great to have the interchangeable gold chain strap for dressier occasions too."

    Marina R.

  • "This is the most useful and stylish accessory. I haven't misplaced my phone since I started wearing it. I can grab it on the run and leave my handbag behind. It's especially useful if jumping on my vespa or popping off for a walk with a friend. I liked it so much I have one in every colour!"

    Elli B

  • "I love this bag, Its simple & effective !! It is such a fabulous idea. Something that is small, just big enough for your phone, a couple of essential cards, & different strap options. Love that it is classic, simple & stylish. It goes with everything. perfect for when I am festival hopping or going to a bar, & don't want to carry a big bulky bag. Nice quality & lovely colour options. I will def be wanting more in other colour options now !!"

    Olivia B.